How to Write a Research Essay

A research essay is an assignment students have to complete on their academic way to higher education. One may think that a research essay is a simple kind of writing, but it is not. The research essay requires a student to review the works of others carefully and compare their thoughts, including personal opinion.

So, a good research essay example you may find at some online writing centers will necessarily include synthesizing analysis of a source material with your own impressions. As a rule, research essay topics are based on some problems or questions that need to be researched. Check out some simple steps of creating an effective research paper.


  • Choose your topic.
    Your topic should be of your personal interest. Perfect argumentative research essay topics are those on which you already have some background knowledge.
  • Essay format.
    Every essay should include at least three main sections: introduction, body and conclusion. An introduction is a head of your essay, which is it determines the effectiveness and success of your paper. As a rule, a reader pays much attention to the first paragraph and decides whether he/she enjoys reading your work. Moreover, your introductory paragraph decides the course of your further writing and sets the basis of your research. Everything you will write later will be based on the topic you state in your first paragraph.
  • The body of your essay.
    You should pay much attention to this step, since your main discussion will be located right here, in your body paragraphs. This section requires you to note all the important details to support your topic. Remember, just noting them down is not enough, because you should also explain them clearly. Every point should be new and different, but still relevant to the main topic.
  • Don’t miss any details.
    Not to miss anything important, you should ask yourself as many questions as you can and write them down to keep them in mind. This will help you to make your writing process much easier.
  • Focus.
    Focus on the body paragraphs of your essay and break the whole section into different headings to deal with every aspect of your topic separately. Deciding what headings should be included and in what order they have to come may be not that easy. You should look attentively at your topic and think about some issues that should be covered and some questions that should be answered to express an effective position.That means that you should have a separate section to describe a controversy, a section to give answers to those people who have an opposite position and a section to make a strong argument to prove that your position is being true.
  • Conclusion.
    Summarize a research in your conclusion paragraph.

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