Tips on a Good Personal Essay

There is always a trouble for students finding a difference between a personal reflective essay and a simple short story. If you write a personal essay format, you should write about yourself. And if your task is to write some short story, you can write about anyone you want. Your character can be a president, a homeless person, a pilot, a teacher, an alien or an animal. You can see it from any personal essay example online. You can also call a personal goals essay or personal statement essay.

Short story main features:

  • Plot, setting, and fictional characters.
  • Descriptive style of writing.
  • Could be one episode of a TV show.

Personal experience essay main features:

  • Series of related anecdotes;
  • Your personality, memories revealing;
  • Free writing style;
  • One core idea for all paragraphs.

When you are writing a personal essay for college, you should centralize your personality. Write about your attitudes, feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes, experiences and beliefs. You should be an egoist not to be like everybody else.

Here are some main rules and tips on how to write a personal essay.

  • You should plan your work and organize it carefully.
  • Do some research on good personal essay topics and personal essay ideas online.
  • Use quotes from different writers, philosophers, singers.
  • Write some anecdotes from your past.
  • You should use a descriptive style.
  • Use reflection on your own life experience to show what person you have become.
  • Use some humor, but be careful.
  • Use all your knowledge about good fiction writing to create interesting scenes.
  • Try to combine personal and universal.
  • Try to be original and find your own voice.

Also, you should focus on choosing specific moments, feelings, and memories. You should use them to create your theme and purpose. You can imagine like you are using a video camera focusing on most interesting moments. You are a writer and director of your own movie.

If you focus on specific moments and facts, it will make your work unique. Forget about using only general information. Don’t try to write about everything. Write about yourself instead. Describe concrete details to show what you are thinking about it.

Don’t afraid to experiment and play with your imagination and word. Try different techniques and styles. Don’t forget about such great tools like personification, similes, and metaphors. Also, you can use different sentences’ length.

After writing a final draft don’t forget to do some editing, proofreading, and revision. Please, learn the difference between them. Fix you text with editing spelling errors and sentence structure.

And the final advice is reading. To be a good writer you should constantly read the works of good writers. Pay attention to their style and lexicon.

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