The Specificity of Literature Essay

Writing an essay can be very challenging and interesting task at the same time. But, perhaps, the most interesting and challenging is literature essay writing. There are a lot of interesting literature essay topics you can use. But you should always keep in mind the work (a book or just a poem) you are working with. You can find some literature essay example online to learn its features.

Here are some main literature essay writing tips for different literature genres. It does not matter if your work is based on English literature essay or world literature essay, you can use this literature essay format anyway.

Novel essay

You should deal with the theme, style, plot and characters of the novel. The order of your essay depends on different points. Bias of question is one of them.

If your question is about the theme, you should talk about it in the introduction and discuss it in other paragraphs. Do the conclusion on the topic and author’s success in the last paragraph.

Drama essay

You should deal with the theme, characters, and technique.

If your question is about technique, you should write about its effect on the other points.

Poetry essay

You should deal with the theme, style, and technique. The last one includes rhyme, rhythm, and assonance.

General tips

First of all, you should avoid simple published criticism. Do not try to do just critics about the play or scene.

It is very important to choose the literature essay topic you are interested in. Your topic should help you.

Introduction. You should be very brief, but give the exact direction you are going to follow through the whole essay.

Paragraphing. Make a plan. You should understand and imagine your work. Identify main points you want to talk about. Then in your essay you should devote at least one (but not more than three) to each of your points.

Evidence. Every point should be proved. You should feel yourself as a lawyer in the court providing the evidence. Give the examples (use quotes) to prove your words.

Selection. You should not just re-tell the whole story. Your goal is to select the main point from the text. Use only those parts of the story that helps you answer the main question of your essay. Always ask yourself about how your paragraphs answer the question.

Avoid the trap of just re-telling the story. The important thing is to be selective in the way you use the text. Only refer to those parts of the book that help you answer the question.

Conclusion. Here you should gather all of your main points. This paragraph should answer the question totally and directly.

Style. You should use the formal style of writing. There should be no chatting between you and your reader. Remember, you are a lawyer in the court proving your point of view about some book or poem.

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