Essay Example: How to promote your video on YouTube for skyrocketing traffic

YouTube hosts more than 40,000 hours of brand new video content every day, and more than 5 billion videos are watched in the same amount of time. Some videos get a handful of views, while others who use get them by the thousands.

When faced with these staggering figures, you are right to question how the users will find the content that you post and why should they watch it in the first place?

Before you succumb to humble resignation, you should know that there are effective ways of promoting video on YouTube and achieve the skyrocketing traffic that big brands and celebrities have.

This guide will show you how to improve the visibility and attractiveness of your videos on YouTube to receive the worldwide recognition that you aim for in your brand development strategy.


The place where you rank in the YouTube algorithm is essential for the success of your channel and your video posts.

The best thing about applying an SEO strategy for your YouTube content is its ease of use. Almost anyone can optimize their videos without the help of marketing professionals. It all boils down to factors like keywords, tags, and descriptions. If you get these aspects right, you have a great opportunity of enhancing your visibility.

You can even use free resources like Google’s Keyword Planner to find out which of the keywords that match your video have a better ranking. Next, you insert these keywords in the tags of your video posts, and users will have a bigger chance of finding your post on the first page of their search results.

The description also plays an important role in attracting new viewers. You need to talk about your video in short and easy-to-understand paragraphs that users can grasp within seconds. Stay away from specific terminology and use as many keywords as you can while keeping it coherent at the same time.

If you make your own content from scratch, and you or another person talk throughout it, make sure that the script includes some of the keywords that you use in the tags and in the description. Make it sound natural so that the YouTube algorithm registers it without considering it a spam or sales video.


YouTube allows you to share your video posts on other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Take advantage of this feature to reach a wider audience and attract the interest of your followers from other social media channels.

A great way of increasing traffic to your YouTube channel is by engaging your viewers into giving their opinion regarding your content. Invite them to like, comment and subscribe by placing a CTA (Call to Action) button or a clickable annotation at the end of each video. Convince them to share your posts to raise awareness over a topic and to subscribe to your profile for regular updates.

Use appealing thumbnails for your videos and make sure that they represent engaging content even when you share them on other networks. Add small captions to these images to attract more attention and stay clear of clickbait material or other redundant methods of luring in viewers.

If you have a business page on Facebook that is connected to your YouTube channel, you can increase traffic to your video posts by using paid advertising on the largest social media network out there.

Facebook provides you with an in-depth analysis of your followers and shows you what target group is more likely to view your YouTube posts. Next, you can pay for Facebook video ads to reach these users and present them with a YouTube link to the content that suits their interest best.


In conclusion, the best way of promoting video on YouTube is by raising awareness. Start by applying these proven techniques of SEO for your channel and your video posts. Continue to enhance your visibility by making your content available on other social media networks.

The entire process is simple and affordable if you invest time and patience into it. With the right approach, you too can reach large audiences and have a considerable following for your YouTube videos.

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