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A definition essay is an essay where you need to define an idea, phenomenon or notion. Many words describing material objects are pretty easy to define. But it is opposite to abstract concepts like art, love or worldview.

This is what a definition essay format is for. You have a chance to tell the world how you define the notions with an ambiguous meaning. We tend to think that we all use the same ideas when it comes to words. However, in reality the best luck is to find a slight match between the meaning that you and your interlocutor put into a term.

When you chose between definition essay topics, pick the one you’d like to expound on. It can be a notion of our daily life or a more complex philosophic idea. For instance, you can write a definition essay on love. Or the one that unfolds the way you see happiness or despair.

It can be written in different styles depending on your subject. Choose a more poetic tone or a completely scientific approach. It is up to you.

You are not obliged to provide a concrete definition of a term in one sentence, but it is necessary to pick a stance towards it. You cannot just cite the dictionaries: the whole thing is about your own perception of the idea. So, you can use the sources, and probably have to do so. However, you also should conclude what you think of it all. How you define your subject and why.

Where to find help

You can use some relevant definition essay samples. They often clear some issues up. They will show you how an essay might look and how to locate your parts. The other important source is dictionaries. However, there’s a trap of starting your essay with something like ‘The Oxford dictionary defines happiness as…’

It sounds good, but the idea is just a bit worn-out. Try something different. For instance, engage your readers with a question like ‘Have you ever experienced the moments of pure joy?’ It will attract their attention and will also give you a good basis to start the narration.

Also, do not ignore essays of other writers. The ideas they present may contribute to your view of the problem. Find out what other authors had to say on the issue. No need to agree with them.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to write a good essay. Feel free to express your honest opinions. An open approach is the best one. Keep our definition essay writing tips in mind and start writing.

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