Critical Essay Tips for Fast and Consistent Writing

Writing a critical essay isn’t just about expressing your opinion about a certain literary work. In the academic world when you’re asked to write a critical analysis essay, it means you have to give a coherent evaluation to a particular article, paper or book after studying it from different points of view, and after scrutinizing it from different angles.

As far as critical thinking in essay writing is concerned, developing such papers makes a great use for a student during studying years and after graduation. The skill of critical analysis is very useful in a great number of professional fields. So, the sooner you start producing solid critical essays, the sooner you’ll start attaining this valuable ability to critique up to par.

10 steps from a blank sheet of paper to a nice looking critical essay

Like any other essay, a critical one consists of Introduction, the Main Body, and Conclusion. Being a savvy student, you might’ve already known ins and outs of this traditional essay pattern, so let’s concentrate on critical essay tips. Ready for the step number one? Then go for it now!

  1. Learn about your task instructions at hand as much as you can. Believe it or not, nearly a half of essays a teacher checks through after every submission fail because of students’ inattentiveness.
  2. Before you even start off the first sentence, you have to collect as many referential sources as you can lay a hand on (and have time to). As a rule, five-six reference materials are substantial enough to succeed with critical essay topics offered to students at schools and colleges. Writing down the most essential keys and leaving footnotes is a smart idea.
  3. Be a little bit box-clever. Find a relevant critical essay sample on the Web and check out how students coped with the task before you. Maybe you’ll find any captivating hints, ideas or writing techniques. Or mayhaps someone else’s work will get your creative juices flowing faster.
  4. Collect all the data you’ve annotated in step two and sort out useful info from the one you won’t want to use in the final draft.
  5. Think of a thesis for your essay. Then sleep on it to come up with a solid critical question regarding the topic, which will be subsequently answered to throughout your essay.
  6. Draw up an outline of your future paper. Decide how many sections will there be in your critical essay and mark off each of them with a short sentence. Follow this small writing plan to prevent your ideas from running wild.
  7. Develop an introduction for your essay. Consult a critical essay example you’ve recently downloaded online and get required inspiration. Highlight your thesis statement and welcome readers to keep reading your paper on.
  8. In the main body, provide a summary of the author’s point of view. Give a brief depiction of the author’s main idea, provide extracts to support his or her thinking, provide author’s implied values and subliminal messages, if any, and sum up his or her conclusions in the original work.
  9. After that, provide your evaluation based on information mentioned above. Here you may follow either your own judgment or stick to commonly accepted practices of evaluating certain literary pieces.
  10. Round up your critical writing by fetching your readers a relevant conclusion where you briefly summarize your entire work and dwell upon your own standing regarding original author’s literary effort.

All in all, the issue of how to write a good critical essay isn’t a big deal. All you need is proper background reading and an effective plan not to waste time. Plus, don’t forget to proofread your draft for grammatical/stylistic/syntax mistakes and research material accurateness.

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