How to Write a Comparison and Contrast Essay

A good comparison essay sample will show you that a main purpose of this kind of writing is analyzing the differences and similarities between two subjects. First, you should pick the subjects that can be compared in an effective way and then you can formulate a thesis and start working on the organization of your essay. If you need to write a convincing comparison essay, follow these easy steps.

Possible topics for your essay

First, pick two subjects to be compared. The main thing here is to pick two subjects that are different enough to contrast them and similar enough to compare them. That means that they should not be that different that you are unable to find anything in common as well as not that similar to have less to say about their differences. Here are some topics you may choose from:

  • The careers of two famous people within one activity (two musicians, athletes, scientists, etc.).
  • Two different restaurants and their quality.
  • Movies.
  • Novels.
  • Cities.
  • Weight-loss programs or diets.
  • Historical periods.
  • Important events.


Perform a detailed research and make a list of all ways your two subjects are different and similar. Try to figure out how much differences they have and how common they are. Look for a comparison essay example on the web and you will see that some people even make Venn Diagrams of two subjects to write similar things in the intersecting circles and different things in the parts where the circles do not intersect each other.

It will require you to consult the outside sources and analyze the subjects on a deep level.

Once the list is made, you should concentrate on the most important similarities and differences. If you are comparing two novels and find out that the author of one of them was male, and the author of the second one was a female, you will hardly say too much about this. Instead, you might dig deeper into the ideas, themes and topics that are worth attention. For instance, you may examine how two books describe the same theme in two different ways.

Comparison essay thesis

Your thesis is simply a sentence that describes your readers how the chosen subjects are different and similar and why it is important to compare them. In fact, your thesis should focus on three main points of comparison. So, you will have a well-structured and concise discussion.

  • Explain the readers why one subject is better/desirable than the other one.
  • State a meaningful comparison expressing the main difference between your subjects.
  • Show the main similarity between your subjects.

Remember to present evidences and objective points of view.

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