Essay Tips: How to Write a Classification Essay

Classification essay examples you may review before you start writing your own are usually based on examples that show the certain form of composition. Classification essay topics are not easy to choose, because they have to demonstrate how these examples or objects may be classified into categories or how an idea may be divided into parts.

Things to focus on

Classification essay ideas refer to subjects that can be explored by means of classification. It is all about identifying and illustrating varieties and different types.

Consider a classification as a way of categorizing. For example, if you are writing a classification essay on music, you should divide it into styles and describe what they contribute to the world of music as a whole.

If you are up to write a classification essay on friends, you should focus on different categories to classify your friends. For example, best friends are your second family and you can tell them anything. Your acquaintances are those who can talk to about some random things, and enemies who don’t afraid to insult you. That is why, they are always honest.


  • To classify effectively, you should find some common denominators among objects that are different.
  • Once you start, make sure that classifications do not overlap.
  • Don’t miss an important category. All the classifications have to classify the topic fully and exclude isolated examples.
  • Make sure that classifications are logical.


As for a division, it bases on the analysis and breaks an object into different parts so that they can be structured in some other way to synthesize something new.

  • Every time you write an outline, you perform a division, since you break an essay down into parts.
  • While classifications are independent and separate, brought together under some common feature, divisions are just parts of a whole.

Classification essay structure

  • Introduction.

    Here you are welcome to include your thesis.

  • Body.

    Identify various categories in different paragraphs and illustrate them with examples.

  • Conclusion.

    Restate your thesis and describe the value of your classification system.

Division essay structure

  • Introduction.

    State your thesis. In other words, express an idea to be analyzed.

  • Body.

    Write down the parts of your division in different paragraphs and illustrate them with examples. You should necessarily provide the sense of relatedness.

  • Conclusion.

    Restate your thesis and try to synthesize new understanding of all the elements you show in the body section.

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