Admission Essays: Writing Them Properly

Admission essays, also called application essays, are the works you add to your resume in the hope of entering a certain institution, usually an educational one. For instance, a college admission essay is a very popular genre of writing. It is required by virtually any college these days.

There’s no unified format for this kind of work. Thus, there’s no single answer to the question ‘how to write a good admission essay’. However, there are certain factors you might want to check before you post your essay.

  1. First of all, tell your story. Keep it personal and simple. Do not brag, but try to highlight your motives that led to choosing this specific path. Your grades and other technical data are probably in your resume. So, try to sound naturally: explain why you want to pursue this degree and what do you have to offer in terms of skills and abilities.
  2. Prove your point. It is useless to say that you are an interesting person: show your background mentioning your activities that will prove you are.
    There’s nothing worse than a rewrite of an admission essay sample as this makes you sound like a different person. Admission officers have probably read tons of similar papers that day. Speak for yourself and stay tactful. That’s a good way to go.
  3. Do some research. For instance, an MBA admission essay may be different from an essay for university admission. So, do your research. Read everything the college suggests for prospective students and follow the tips. Otherwise, your chances of entering may be at risk.

Showing your essay to someone you trust is a good idea as well. A fresh eye is always helpful as you may omit something important that other person will notice. Choose a tutor or give your essay to parents. They may give an unbiased opinion which is precious.

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Admission essays are hard, but you can manage them!

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